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2012 Haitian Permaculture Class

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

One of my favorite places. Challenging, resilient, an island of survivors in an ever changing and geographically hostile environment. Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and a multitude of NGOs influence the daily lives of all Haitians.

Haitian students use an "A" frame to check the heightened consistency of a berm. The digging tool is called a Wu and is used much like a pick. Swung into the

ground and pulled back to mound of the soil into the tall berms. Hands-on teaching is very important as well as repeating the tasks and number of times and the number of ways. In short order, the students are discussing and creating their own standards.

To finding solutions to finding solutions with a heavy rains in Haiti, we need to have some kind of sieve to keep organic material up on the swale area and allow the volume of water to go through. This waddle fence is integrated into the berm so that the overflow reduced in energy. When teaching on these remote sites we want to make sure that the students understand there are many ways to create solutions.

Hopefully we get to see our work tested in the heavy rains. And then we can make corrections and refine a strategy for the students to see. Hundreds of small trees are grown in thin black plastic pots.



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