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Follow natures patterns. Accepting your land’s imprint. We adapt your goals to the land. We use natural processes to build natural capital and ecological services to ensure your success.  
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In recent years, the need for resilient and abundant food production has become extreme. All over the world, supply chains and markets are failing, and choices for healthy food are becoming limited. If you feel the need or desire to create your own food supply that will be resilient for years to come, please contact us.

At Southwoods Ecosystems, we specialize in providing ecological design and restoration services throughout North America and the world. From site assessments to ecosystem restoration and ecological design for farms, homesteads, urban living, and intentional communities, we are dedicated to creating living systems that support long-term sustainability.

Across North America and the tropics, we have designed living systems for families and large-scale food production. Additionally, we have created a network of designers across the globe who are committed to building individual and community resources through the use of permaculture and ecological design practices.

Now is the time, in this short window of calm, to build your gardens of long-term food resources and nutrients. We offer a complete ecologically-based strategy supporting long-term harvest and resilience. Our team conducts site assessments for your future prairie oasis, dry land sanctuary, or cold climate paradise. Our global ecology and its effect on the carrying capacity of your land is our first concern. We build your natural capital to ensure your land's abundance. Call us for information about our ecological and permaculture design process or fill out the form on the contact page. Now is the time.

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