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2018 La Vallée-de-Jacmel | Haiti

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

We were invited to participate in an evaluation visit to Haiti by Commonland and the Red Cross of the Netherlands. The Red Cross of the Netherlands was moving from just disaster relief to disaster resilience. Southwoods was asked to identify and assess project options for restoration of watersheds. Severe erosion has accelerated across the island. Repairing the catchment areas to increase storage and water infiltration is a priority needed for new tree crop strategies. We were able to map two prospects for restoration with our drone. The fine detail and tight topography from the drones is instrumental in creating accurate designs.

In 2019 we will be returning to the watershed of Bassin Blue, a catchment area that flows into a opal blue pool before cascading to the shoreline. Ascending the ravines we will find the optimum points to optimize the storage and spreading of rainwater.



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