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Regeneration Farms is a venture guided by Reginaldo of Tree-Range Poultry®, an ecologically and biologically managed poultry production system for eggs and meat. Southwoods was asked to evaluate the documentation for a poultry operation and design the appropriate spaces for the buildings, rotational grazing areas, and efficient access for the daily operations. Tree range areas are filled with Hazelnut and Elderberry. Chickens are rotated through paddocks providing field sanitation, pest control, manuring, and light cultivation. The shrubs and trees provide protection from aerial predators while cooling the soil and poultry.

  • Multiple Crop Revenue

  • Integrated and Rotational Livestock System

  • Centralized Hub for Poultry Management

  • Removable inner fence for large scale cultivation if needed.

  • Pest management by free-range poultry in perennial crops.


Climate:  Humid Continental (Cool Summer)
Annual Precipitation: 32.6 inches

Country: United States
Function:  Farm

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