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Ecosystem restoration Camp

In Southeast Spain is the Altiplano Ecosystem Restoration Camp. It was inspired by John D. Liu and his Green Gold Documentary of China’s Loess Mountains. The camp is a cooperative venture of volunteers, designers, restoration ecologists, GIS experts, and an army of good-natured members of the ERC.  The land is subjected to intermittent heavy rains along with weeks of dry heat. In the past silty clay soil turned to powder if not planted. Water ran off uncontrolled due to decades of compaction in wheat farming. Efforts are made to follow EU agricultural regulations and provide a harvest for the locals. The plan includes a nursery, lodging, kitchen facilities, and a training centre. All plants are on contour surrounding swales and berms installed to store and infiltrate heavy rains and spring run-off.


Climate:  Continental Mediterranean, Semi Arid
Annual Precipitation: 230 millimeters

Country: Spain
Function:  Ecosystem Restoration Camp

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