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afenbó communauté

In the mountains of South Western Haiti lies the hidden village of Seguin. It is the centre for agrarian trade and resources in the area. Five hours from Port au Prince by road, it is the gateway to the Afenbo Community, another 60 minute walk to a lush valley of subsistence farmers. For generations, the farmers have been self sufficient and able to generate meager income form crop sales locally and via the long truck ride to Port au Prince. The goal in helping the residents redesign the valley growing system is to:

  • Make changes to cultural practices and develop new products that will improve soil health.

  • Increase the ecological stability, access, and harvests in ravines and eroded hillsides

  • Build a market within the AFENBO village to bring local trade closer

  • Make the valley healthier, increasingly self-reliant, and a model village.


Climate:  Tropical Monsoon
Annual Precipitation: 1714 millimeters

Country: Haiti
Function:  Ecovillage

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