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This part of Senegal is in the Sahel, the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. Each year the dry sands extend further into the agricultural lands.  Our task was to build water conservation and soil protection practices into the production methods. New tree crops in wind breaks and cover crops around all plantings deter erosion and reduce soil temperature. Fencing was added around the entire farm to keep out free ranging goats. This alone had immediate benefits. A expansive caged chicken operation was shut down and the building repurposed for class rooms and offices. In 2018 Southwoods developed and delivered a farmer conference to 30 farmers and residents of Kebemer, Senegal. Using the farm as a model the course focused on:
•    Climate change the recent changes in the land production.
•    Soil health and its response to higher temperatures.
•    Mulching practices and its effect on soil moisture
•    Cover crops and the importance of organic materials
•    Improved drip irrigation methods to conserve water


Climate:  Dry Land, Desert
Annual Precipitation: 450 millimeters

Country: Senegal
Function:  Farm

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