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Barrett Homestead

Weather extremes are the rule in Texas. Dry hot weeks are followed by heavy rains flooding parched land. Southwoods developed strategies to redevelop the forest ecology and canopy to create protected micro-climates for a  more diverse plants community. The water needs to be collected and infiltrated to deep soils for long term drought support. These ten acres need to develop into the deep canopy it once was to sustain a protected soil base and increase the available water to the plants in dry times. A slight slope drains the heavy rains to the south leaving the land dry in a short time. Optimization of each rain event and the household grey water is the key to raising the carrying capacity of the property. 
•    Artificial canopy domes are used to protect new plantings and develop the new                  canopy.
•    Swales and shallow basins are used to collect and infiltrate rainwater.
•    A greenhouse is added for protected season extension
•    A large exterior garden adjoins the greenhouse for easy access to tools, plants and            water
•    Vertical fence extensions are used to deter deer from entering the property
•    The straight driveway is curved to follow the contour and add privacy.
•    The concrete block storage building is bermed to increase cooling in summer
•    A bulk storage area is established for compost, woodchips, and other materials.
•    A small livestock enclosure is added to the greenhouse for access to animal services          and resources. Small goats may play a role in managing the land.
•    Grey water systems are expanded to cover a larger area of the residential landscape.


Climate:  Humid Subtropical 
Annual Precipitation: 23.4 inches

Country: United States
Function:  Homestead

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