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Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California gets a new public garden space and food forest.

United Designers project lead and permaculture educator, Rhamis Kent partnered up with SouthWoods to design and build green space at Zaytuna College in Berkeley California. Using cultural themes and geometry we filled the space with raised beds and a diversity of fruiting trees. The campus has many other opportunities for ecological design to enhance the architecture, create outdoor classrooms, study spaces, and build a sustainable and harvest ready landscape.

Our goal was to create shaded and cool gatherings spaces for the students, a food forest with great diversity, and a garden gathering space of raised beds, benches, and patios.

The recently acquired land was dry and barren. Exposed to the hot sun and dry winds, the soil ended protection and regeneration. Raised beds have trees and annual vegetables, trellises and vine crops.

Kevin Repp, our installer, did a great job bringing our design from imagination to reality. A combination of engineering, artistry, and craftsmanship.



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