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Zoe Farm in Canton Ohio is a family resource farm developed for continuous flow harvesting and self-sufficiency.  The steep slopes harbour multiple springs allowing for freshwater ponds and cascading streambeds in rainy times. Systems on the land range from Oaktree silvopasture for grazing and eventually acorn-finished pork, polyculture orchards, Korean Nut Pines, livestock forage islands, swale and berm water management, contour plantings of fruit trees and shrubs, and a multiple habitat patches throughout the property. The family constructed a monolithic dome for an underground earth insulated residence. Southwoods assisted in design, landscaping, and site management surrounding the dome area. Priorities on the land consisted of:

•    All features of the property are on contour to reduce erosion and collect nutrients.
•    Screening windbreaks for privacy.
•    Integrated food production systems.
•    Diverse crops in annual and perennial plant systems
•    Deer exclusion areas for intense and valuable food crops.
•    Reforestation of the steeper slopes with a meadow on gentle slopes.
•    Centralized access to residence and production area.
•    Cooling shade on the residence in summer converting to maximum solar gain on              south facing aspects of the buildings in winter.


Climate:  Humid Continental Climate
Annual Precipitation:  39 inches

Country: United States
Function:  Self Sustaining Homestead and Demonstration Center

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