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McNeil acreage is a gentle sloping property facing a narrow stream with the wide flood plain. Just across the stream, a deep green canopy shoots steeply into the sky, Sandy McNeil’s painting studio has large North facing windows facing grassy fields. The southern aspect of the house has a large deck looking over the streambed. Surrounding the conical architecture is the food forest water from the roof lines. Dry stream bed runs beneath the deck area for drainage during heavy rains and hurricanes. All the trees and plantings are positioned on contour with burns to Delay the runoff and allow water to infiltrate the clay soils. Gardens around the decks on the south side of the house and studio. Terraces cascade down from the residence to the stream bed, allowing for soil stabilization in heavy weather.  Easy access provides growing space for vegetables and beneficial insect habitat. A large earthen dam creates a small pond in the floodplain. For guests and creative solitude, secluded yurts are placed on North facing hill across a small bridge. All features are on contour and intended to collect resources and reduce soil erosion.


Climate:  Humid Subtropical
Annual Precipitation: 54.6 inches

Country: United States
Function:  Farm

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