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Tidwell Urban Orchard

Karri Tidwell is a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the school of Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She wanted her residence to have the exterior landscape to support her personal wellbeing, health priorities, and family resources. Along with the family and a new baby, the seasonal progression of the yard needed to grow with the children and their needs.  A food forest and perennial gardens added that adaptive change and brought natural beauty to the space. Access is mapped first then spaces.
•    Fruit trees are surrounded by perennial pollinator habitat. 
•    Paths make for easy access and harvest.
•    Planting beds are delineated for diverse polycultures and insect habitat.
•    An annual garden is located in the sunniest corner of the lot.
•    Trellises are used to take advantage of vertical space leaving more ground space                available.
•    Medicinals and nutritional plants are interplanted within the landscape.
•    Compost bins and worms assist in nutrient cycling back to the soil.


Climate:  Cold Temperate
Annual Precipitation: 27 inches

Country: United States
Function:  Urban Orchard

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