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Peachey farm

What a joy to spend a week on an Amish farm drawing at the kitchen table in pencil. Everything has an ethic of simplicity. Sylvan rotates his cattle through fields of grass he manages with a Brix meter and his eyes... Interplanting fruit trees create shade for the animals, forage for livestock, and takes advantage of the manure nutrients for the fruit. The family hopes to sell the value-added products from a roadside stand. The goal of the design is to:
•    build tree crop windbreaks and use plants to create new foraging resources for cattle        and sheep.
•    create a fruit production orchard for marketable products.
•    increase the long-term harvest of the land in multiple perennial and tree crops.
•    create a nutrient cycling system for soil amendments.
•    develop water catchment systems above the thin soil horizon without excavation.


Climate:  Humid Continental Climate
Annual Precipitation:   44 inches 

Country: United States
Function:  Reforesting all inclusive agrarian homestead for a large family.

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