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By the request and engagement of Walter Ritte, support for this assessment and report was provided by the Molokai Pule O’o, Trisha Kehaulani Watson of Aina Mo Hana, with assistance from Aloha Aina Fellows of the Molokai Community College. 
The people of Molokai have a special moment in their history as they are being presented with an opportunity to buy back over 57,000 acres of privatized land and bring it back into the public domain. The purchase of the land will be a bellwether for the entire region and an inspiration to restore health to ravaged landscapes while maintaining and building economic vitality. It will definitely put Molokai on the ecological restoration radar. A definite need in these times of dire ecological loss. 

Measurable Restoration Outcomes, Goals, and Priorities:
•    Reduced silt or near silt-free water quality at all shoreline river outlets.
•    Increased water infiltration to provide aquifer regeneration and springs in lower                  elevations and in the reefs.
•    Soil stabilization in all watersheds and steep slopes. 
•    Reforested and grassed slopes in restored areas for harvest and habitat.
•    Restored and healthy reefs and a larger fishery for Molokai people.
•    Access to quality and resilient natural resources.
•    Improved water quality and availability for forests and homesteads. 
•    Reduced deer damage to native habitat, soils, and ecology.
•    Increased opportunity for eco-tourism in stabilized gulches. 
•    Culturally and historically modelled structures for interest and support of good                  practices.
•    Preparation for sea level rise and alternative commerce in changing climates.
•    Increased availability of land for an expanding population striving to be self-sufficient


Climate:  Pacific Island Coastal Dryland
Annual Precipitation: 25 inches

Country: Hawaii
Function:  Economic and Ecological Restoration

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