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Fleri Farm

Fleri farm in Port-au-Prince, Haiti is one of the few areas of land unpopulated by shanties in the dense population of the nearby city Soleil. With a density of 31,000 people per square mile, there is a great need for intense food production that is also sustainable for long term benefit to the community. The land has large preexisting mango trees under which a polyculture of annual and perennial crops are grown. Each area has a specific function based on its condition and location.

•    Individual fields are used for a rotating list of tropical crops for the community and for        sale. 
•    Each tree crop is surrounded by ecologically supportive plant species that also                    provide harvest crops. 
•    A hoop greenhouse is used for starting young plants to be transplanted into the                  various fields as needed. 
•    A nursery grows out trees and shrubs for use on the property’s many food forests.
•    A soccer field is installed in the north filed across the street from a popular church and        community centre. A small basketball court is also planned.
•    Security fencing surrounds the perimeter.
•    Lighting is placed along streets of outlying areas.
•    Water storage towers have elevated observation platforms.
•    Unplanted areas are used for managed grazing of local livestock.


Climate:  Tropical
Annual Precipitation: 1353 millimeters 

Country: Haiti
Function:  Farm

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