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Arboreden is designed to have completed homesteads with food forests, annual gardens, hoop houses, fresh water plumbing, rainwater storage, grey water systems, Solar PV, WiFi, and ecologically supported housing. In the making for 17 years, Arboreden growers planted 20,000 trees over 10 years for eventual building timber, bamboo, and natural materials. Restored streams from the reforestation supply continuous water flow in once dry streambeds. Southwoods developed the spatial arrangements for lot lines, buildings, fruit trees and production systems.  Each lot collects water, grows a diverse selection of tropical fruits and has a residence located for privacy and good access. As a community, Arboreden has permanent residence, seasonal, residence and a cooperative organization for all to share the bounty from throughout the properties expanding forest.


Climate:  Wet Tropics
Annual Precipitation: 3522 millimeters

Country: Costa Rica
Function:  Homestead

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