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In a world where ecological preservation and sustainable living are paramount, homestead owners and international NGOs are seeking innovative solutions to maximize their land's potential while minimizing environmental impact.
SouthWoods Ecosystems, a partner of United Designers International,  specializes in ecological design concepts that not only enhance productivity but also foster self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship. We raise the carrying capacity of the planet.

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Weather extremes are the rule in Texas. Dry hot summers followed by heavy rains flooding parched land. Southwoods developed strategies to redevelop the forest ecology and canopy to create protected micro-climates for a more diverse plants community. The water needed to be collected and infiltrated to soils for long term drought proofing.

Afenbô Communauté


Southwoods was asked to map site conditions in a subsistence village in Haiti.  We assisted AFENBO COMMUNAUTE’, the land owner, in developing improved cultural practices and seasonal harvests. 17 farm families live on the land and must co-produce with AFENBO through integrated cropping systems. Southwoods helped develop value-added products and ecologically supported perennial crop systems. Bamboo and tree crops were added to stabilize steep slopes and divert water from the ravines back to the land.

North Dakota - Martin Homestead


Dana Martin wanted to create I self-sustaining food production system on their 10 acres of the North Dakota Prairie. Surrounded by wetlands, his property is high and dry and exposed to relentless winds. Southwoods designed an integrated horticultural system to reduce labour, increase soil health, available water, and diversity of harvest to the family.

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A refugee camp in Iraq needed a consistent and local food system where people could learn and practice gardening systems suited to the area. United Designers brought in annual gardens, tree rops, and water management systems for the cold and arid climate.

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