Daniel Halsey 

   Permaculture, & Ecological Restoration Designer

Building natural capital and biodiversity,

while raising the carrying capacity of the planet,

Instructional Videos on Permaculture Farming Methods


This initial series of 12 short videos on permaculture farming methods show the possibilities and philosophy behind abundant harvests in a homestead landscape. It is a companion presentation for use with the SouthWoods Site Assessment and Resource Guide. There is no simple prescription for ecological design, only a concept of relationships to be achieved between all the elements on the landscape, including humans. Each has a niche and an important position within the broader ecosystem. When we enter our personal landscape, we can deplete, extract, and smother the life that surrounds us, or can be stewards and raise its carrying capacity for all living things and bring it to true abundance through the implementation of successful permaculture farming methods.

Sampler Video from the SouthWoods Design Series

Dan Halsey   Following Natures Patterns

Trying to fight natures natural patterns and force an imprint or geometric shape on the land, wastes resources and sets up a high maintenance system. Following natures patterns allows us to collect the energy and resources that are flowing across the landscape and focus them where we need them. Working on contour, selecting plants that are specifically suited to the site, and allowing ourselves to be imprinted by the land; creates a dynamic relationship between our needs and the natural resources around us.

Dan Halsey on Ecological Design Strategy

Observation brings opportunity on the landscape. Follow the flow of sun, water, and soil. Work for each specific space to create its specific harvests.

Dan Halsey on Ecological Design Strategy

Observation brings opportunity on the landscape. Follow the flow of sun, water, and soil. Work for each specific space to create its specific harvests.

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