Daniel Halsey 

   Permaculture, & Ecological Restoration Designer

Building natural capital and biodiversity,

while raising the carrying capacity of the planet,

Step One: The Base Map

Start your project off with a professionally designed site assessment base map.

Site Assessment is the key foundation of good designs. Understanding the state of the land and property, gives us insight to the possibilities for increased natural capital and resilient resources.

Base maps include: the buildings and hardscapes, existing foliage, structures, utility lines, topography, property lines, easements, soil data..everything.

All the relevant ecological data is displayed on the basemap to guide the design process. It is a permanent record of the site conditions and outputs as a 24" x 36" or 36"x36" paper copy or PDF.

Using the basemap we are guided to align the lifestyle and resources of the land owners with the ecological functions of the land.

Fees for basemaps vary based on the complexity and size of the site.

Travel to the site is recommended and part of the continuing design process.


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Also Included:    Soil Survey                            Sector Analysis                    Topography and Water Movement



The finished base map includes all visible details needed to begin the design process.

The appearance of the map changes based on the prevailing site conditions.

The contents of the basemap are described in the site assessment narrative.

Patterns on the land; soils, topography, roads, paths, and land features, guide the design process.